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Exhale Nevada is redefining the marijuana market with superior products, an upscale customer experience and unbeatable prices.
Medical Marijuana
Welcome to Exhale Nevada, the Las Vegas premier Medical Marijuana Dispensary. We are here to provide a premium luxury cannabis experience along with providing high quality medical marijuana to our members.
Recreational Marijuana
Exhale Nevada offers the same award winning cannabis, available to our medical members, to anyone over the age of 21 at our Las Vegas Dispensary.
Premium Concentrates
We carry the widest selection of premium concentrates on the market.
A core component of Exhale Brands mission statement is our commitment to the advocacy and advisement of cannabis and its unique compounds as safe and therapeutic botanicals.
Our passion for the clinical effectiveness of this ancient plant is borne out by a massive amount of historical and ongoing scientific data from some of the world’s leading researchers. From chronic pain relief and appetite modulation to treatment of glaucoma symptoms and nausea, medical marijuana is proving to be extremely effective in the treatment of many conditions, and the list is growing as research continues. Our trained medical marijuana hosts interview each client regarding the symptoms or conditions they are experiencing. After consultation, the host advises recommended strains, products, delivery methods to mitigate relieve symptoms as indicated by specific situation.
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Exhale Nevada Dispensary
We are across the street from Palms Casino Resort.
4310 W Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
(702) 447-1250
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First time I've been in a dispensary and it was a great experience. They were knowledgeable and eager to help! At first I was a bit nervous but the employees made me feel comfortable and welcome!!!
Cassie M.
Las Vegas, NV
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Welcome to Exhale Nevada the premier Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Las Vegas. We are committed to providing high quality medical and recreational marijuana to our members. Our facilities’ style, security, variety, and professionalism have raised the standard for cannabis dispensaries nationwide.
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